>>> Rubber Rug // indoor + outdoor

Woman sitting on black chair. She is wearing a black dress. On the grey floor lies the "Rubber Rug" 200x300. Light/Shadow

Rubber Rug // outdoor // Green Product Award winner

Rubber Rug, our Green »Product Winner 2021«, is produced from used bicycle inner tubes and
PP yarns. It is our first indoor and outdoor rug. We have spent a long time developing its structure to give it that special blend of graphic and organic feel. Our Rubber Rug is a piece of woven architecture.

Available in 5 formats. Special formats possible on request.


>> Shake out rug regularly >> Vacuum regularly using suction only, no bristles, to help maintain the wool fibers >> Dry clean >> Pick up spilled solids immediately using a knife or spoon – avoid pushing the substance deeper into the wool pile >> Blot liquid spills immediately using a paper towel, clean cloth or clean towel. If necessary, apply a wet stain remover for leather after thorough blotting >> Never rub wet pile. This will damage the pile and can spread the stain.

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