>>> Candy Wrapper Rug // indoor

Hand over carpet "Candy Wrapper Rug" light grey. Light/Shadow

Candy Wrapper Rug // indoor // German Design Award winner

The Candy Wrapper Rug forms the heart of our Nomad collection. It is our initial spark to weave carpets from leftover material. The Candy ­Wrapper Rug is a woven carpet. The chain is made of candy wrapper (20 %) and new wool (80 %). The Candy Wrapper Rug adapts to its surroundings. On cloudy days, it looks simple and calm. Daylight, the sun or artificial light make it shine. Almost like a surface of water on which the sun is dancing. Every Candy Wrapper Rug is unique and there is only one in the world.

Available in 5 formats and 9 colors. Special formats possible on request.


>> Rotate the rug every 3 months to avoid uneven fading and wear  >> Vacuum regularly > > Avoid pulling loose yarns. If necessary, clip them to be even with the pile height >> Spot clean as needed using a damp cloth with plain water or baby shampoo; don’t use cleaning products, as they could damage or fade the rug. Please dry the rug 100% after wet cleaning  >> For larger, deeper stains, send the rug to a professional service with experience cleaning fine rugs >> To preserve the life of the rug, we recommend using a rug pad.

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