Rugs for Individualists – One of a kind design rugs, bringing sustainable interior pieces into your home.

For many, rugs are easy-to-grasp, poetically inspired conversation pieces and every space needs a touch of soft fabric and cozy texture to make
it feel like a true home, that is why we created the Nomad design rugs with the purpose to support local workers in foreign countries, preserve traditional craftsmanship and shape the daily life of people who aim for high end quality and never-before-seen designs.
Our Nomad rugs bring sustainable interior into fashionable homes and pair inventive craftsmanship from India, with timeless European design.
Made out of candy wrapper from the Himalaya mountains, united with new wool and turned into a magical rug woven in a small town in India, the Nomad carpets create a new standard of design for conscious consumers and open a new perspective on the aesthetic of recycled materials which, no doubt, are the materials our future is made of.