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Nomad accessories are created in cooperation with partners who are at the top of their discipline and inspire us with their work ethic and passion. Quality, craftsmanship, soul and respect are the main requirements for a long term working relationship in the Nomad family and we are grateful to have a familiar, honest and energising bond with all of our team members. For our bags we chose a local tailor who worked with our founder Jutta Werner for over 20 years on projects around textiles and design. Nomad bags are so big, practically and spacious that some might think an undetectable extension charm was used. They are bags for nomads, for restless dreamers and tireless seekers and useful for everybody who wants to be prepared for the unexpected. For our lamps Nomad cooperated with a ceramist from London who encouraged us to work with the unexpected material in new ways.Nomad lamps shine light on the things one cares about and transport an intimate atmosphere into every room. One could say that the Nomad lamp is a modern candle and a unique sculpture at the same time – for endless nights and bright moments on darker days.