Produce well and produce less.

Innovative craftsmanship from Germany, India, UK and other countries paired with ethical, timeless design.

At Nomad, we make a conscious choice to make a difference. Being a conscious manufacturer means to take back power and support what we stand for. We define ourselves as a sustainable brand by embodying these aspects: being a small startup business, women owned, produced in a close and honest partnership with Indian weavers and using recycled materials to protect the environment and support its regeneration. Nomad proves that upcycling can be tasteful and desirable and most importantly, shape our daily lives and push global change forward. The Nomad vision is to produce less, but produce well. Our costumers are allies in spirit and understand that every Nomad rug has it’s own imperfections and narratives which make it a personal, emotional and vibrant piece invented for a life-long relationship.

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    Ny Østergade 32,
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A conscious choice to make a difference.

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