Like the surface of rippling water

Our journey may sound as a tale from one thousand and one nights, but it is actually very true.

It happened one day at the Himalaya mountains, that a german woman, who traveled through the region, saw local farmers who bundled up their hay bales with brightly-colored strings. She stood there, surrounded by nothing but nature, fascinated by the rays of color and light and wondered, what the strings might be. As she came closer, the structure of the strings got clearer and just when her hands closed around the luminous, silvery glowing strings, she realised, that they were made out of recycled sweet wrappers. They were hanging on nearly every small, corrugated iron-roofed home, dancing in the wind. And what was nothing more than useful waste to the farmers, was a piece of magic to the german woman, who could not resist to take the rainbow colored pieces home. She traveled further, even to India, and searched for many years, until she found a weaver, who could make a magical rug out of her magical fibres, brought from far, far away. In a traditional Indian weaving mill, the till then unregarded, raw material was processed and combined with plain new wool in every possible color. And as the materials united, the german woman and the weavers proved all the doubters wrong, who thought that a precious rug could never be made out of a discarded good.

The german woman returned to her home in the cold north, with rugs shining like the surface of rippling water, and people still tell the story of the rugs, that looked like sunrise and sounded like the wing beats that one hears, sitting on the steps of the enchanted temples close to Mount Abu. That german woman is called Jutta Werner and this is the fulfilment of her dreams: Nomad.

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