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Nomad is a brand that speaks to those who follow their instincts and have a strong connection to their environment. We love to bring our sustainable lifestyle goods in varied Pantone colors into rooms that need that special energy, that certain something that makes people feel, sense and reflect in their surroundings. Nomad was founded with the believe that an objects beauty is irrevocably connected to the honesty and ulterior motive of it’s creation process. Our goal is to redefine great interior design by merging recycled and natural materials with exceptional craftsmanship and high end design while reducing our ecological impact and supporting families in India. We strongly believe that how a product is made is as important as its aesthetic. That is why Nomad was built on the promise to our customers that in exchange for investing in us, you will receive a product that is durable, high-quality, and timelessly designed – a piece that will not only last a lifetime but bring you joy and love in your daily routines. Nomad rugs are made to be passed on to future generations! We have developed a fundamental philosophy for Nomad with the aim to reduce our ecological impact and better the lives of each person involved in making our products. Love and acceptation are weaved into our rugs and visible in every detail of our accessories. Feel them, look at them, wear them – your heart will notice the difference.

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