NOMAD | Design | Hamburg

The combination of grey, pure wool with silver warp leaves the rug looks like a shimmering water surface.

A simple design with a thousand faces.

The rug appears either calm or alive, depending on which angle you look at it.

LIGNE ROSET | Design | Gundelfingen

Succession bronze-tinted mirrors of varying sizes, linked by a fabric-covered metal thread, Wall Jewellery_01 is the ideal piece of wall art. Manufactured in France, this decorative jewel expands interiors in the blink of an eye. Decorative jewel-like mirrors.Black fabric-covered steel wire onto which 5 bronze-tinted mirrors of varying sizes are hooked: 1 x Ø 35.1, 1 x Ø 20 and 3 x Ø 15. Black lacquered hook. Manufactured in France. Dimensions Mirror – Width 60 / Depth 3 / Height 110

NOMAD | Design | Hamburg

The NOMAD_BAG is a LOVE bag! A companion for men and women. The almost 90 cm high bag with leather straps is sporty, robust and always easy to fit. We transported cushions during shootings, dogs, kids !!, market purchases, bath towels, ..... BE A NOMAD. The bag can be ordered directly from us.

NOMAD | Design | Hamburg

DOON is a wall and travel mirror. Made of the finest glove leather in Hamburg. A nomadic travel accessory that also finds its place at home.

The DOON mirror is made to order and is available in almost any color.

VORWERK | Design | Hameln

/// Designs of a border collection for the company VORWERK by Jutta Werner ///

NOMAD | Design | Hamburg

The design LIG is reminiscent of an African mask. The oak base combined with black metal and mirrored glass show a typical NOMAD material combination.


Jury Statement

The approach of mixing recycled candy wrappers with wool to weave rugs from them is sustainable and visually creates an interesting effect. A nice design idea with an interesting storytelling behind it.