DEDON | Shooting | Ibiza

We carried out the shooting for the DEDON catalogue in the sun-drenched light of the Mediterranean Sea and photographed also materials from the new collection. Jutta Werner is involved in various textile developments by DEDON.

SCHLARAFFIA | Curation | Bochum

Schlaraffia® is one of the most popular bedding brands in Germany. Schlaraffia has been writing "Schlafgeschichte" for more than 100 years. The spectrum ranges from beautiful box-spring beds, to under-spring covers and mattresses, to decorative as well as functional accessories. In 2018, Jutta Werner curates the Schlaraffia fabric collection.
As a speaker she trained salesperson 2016/17 during the Schlaraffia Expert Days in Berlin.

photo: ©Peter Fehrentz, Hamburg

VORWERK | Shooting | Roßdorf

Das VORWERK Shooting wurde von Jutta Werner und dem NOMAD Team vom Entwurf der Sets bis hin zum letzten dekorativen Detail von A-Z betreut.

DEDON | Shooting | IBIZA

Jutta Werner accompanies many shootings for DEDON and is also responible for the styling props+fashion. #Photocredit Moritz Peters

RICO DESIGN | Shooting | Hamburg

For RICO DESIGN, we photographed woollen garments for children. Our theme for one shooting was “Fairy tales”, and “Winter” for another. Whether accompanied by a fox or a snowman, the focus is invariably on the unmistakable product.

VORWERK | Shooting | Hamburg

The woven loop FORMAT of VORWERK received the German Design Award. The high quality loop-pile carpet was developed specially for object spaces. Our photographer Kristin Schell skilfully placed the award-winner in the limelight.


The variety of JAB fabrics is just as exceptional as their high quality. Therefore, it is a special challenge for shootings for the company to show all facets of this diversity. Especially in India at 45 ° C.Since 1994 we create for JAB the visual appearance, not only at fairs, in showrooms and during shootings.

IF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE | Judging | Hamburg
NOMAD | Mood | Hamburg
VORWERK | Shooting | Roßdorf

Shooting for VORWERK means, the floor must be the focus of attention. However, it displays its qualities only when using an appropriate space and decoration concept. We take care of the shooting from the design of the sets up to the smallest accessories.